Welcome to our community!

Welcome to our community of putting God first and always. We want to live in a community that is saved. Together we will create a community of God loving families.

We challenge you to begin your day than by placing God at the forefront of your morning routine. Take a moment to engage in prayer and immerse yourself in the word of God. This is my favorite time of the day- with God, the Bible, my spouse, and a good cup of coffee.

It is important to spend time in your Bible. It’s important to share the knowledge of how important it is to be in your Bible and with God. take a stand and make a deliberate choice to spend more time with God. Teach those near you, how-to walk-in Christ.

At Humble Whole Bean Coffee, we are dedicated to the flavor of coffee. Our small-batch roasting guarantees the ultimate quality and flavor in every cup. We carefully adjust the time and temperature to achieve the perfect blend, resulting in a natural and rich flavor profile for our premium whole bean coffee.

We are a business that was focused on glorifying God instead of maximizing profits. Portions of each sale assist in mailing Bibles across the United States of America to complete our mission of -Share the Word, share HIS Word! A business to be humble before the Lord.

HumbleWB.Coffee we believe in God’s faithfulness, His Word, the Bible, and a delicious cup of coffee Our mission- Share The WORD! -Amen

Humble Whole Bean Coffee  whole bean coffee Blends- made with the perfect time and temp